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Ingenious Launch: C&R’s New App Company

The tiny company builds Apps and mobile websites for smartphones and tablets.

Our small group of experts deliver complex mobile messaging and mobile services to small target audiences.

Communications & Research is the parent company, serving the Midwest firm with iIngenious Robotn-house video, web development, photography, graphic design and other creative services. For content rich Apps and mobile websites we pull in C&R to do the heavy lifting on creating content.

Kathy Schaefer manages the work flow of most Ingenious Robot projects.

Joe Ross is the web based companies creative director as well as our marketing strategist.

Programming, Web Development & Data Analytics is accomplished by Matt Williams who works with the latest programming and server-side technologies to deliver modern and maintainable websites and web applications.

Matt’s diverse programming and web development background helps to strengthen C&R’s core web development strategies. Matt has worked as a programmer for the last 3 years at MSU Geological Sciences, and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics.

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