London's Hyde Park

London’s Hyde Park has a 300 year history of Horseback riding. Our news report shows you how to add horseback riding to your next trip to London.

Midewest/US Citizens Can Return from UK

Midwest news crew reports on European travel bans and gives 3 under-reported covid facts that saves lives.
Money Talks!
Money talks…our new series on personal finances and economics features research from Money Magazine. Cash in on these stories in 2021.
CR News Live In London!
Coming soon - CR News reports live from London.

Boroughs Market

The world’s oldest food market is a foodie’s dream come true.

Air Quality

Science Report Covid Clean your Air in your Home and Office.

Air Travel Safety

Air Quality during Air Travel is better than you think but there’s a few things you need to do.

Governor' Opioid Advisor Has Solutions

Drug addiction has gotten worse in Michigan, covid is a culprit.

Human Trafficking


We exposed a racially charged fake social media post. These viral posts are gaining popularity in the last couple years. We offered a solution.

Drugs, Crime, Health


CR News got an exclusive on what Michigan law enforcement are doing to stop the crime and deaths resulting form the states opioid epidemic. We broadcasted live from the DEA Division Office in Detroit.