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Reaction to the Governor’s SOS Highlights

Over 15,000 Michigan viewers tuned in for our coverage of the Governor’s State of the State.

Drugs, Crime, Health Highlights

C&R News got and exclusive on what Michigan law enforcement are doing to stop the crime and deaths resulting form the states opioid epidemic. We broadcasted live from the DEA Division Office in Detroit.

Pot Policy, Health & Economics Highlights

We feature the news makers whose conclusions are creating the city/state regulations that will become the framework for Michigan's medical and recreational cannabis.

Human Trafficking Highlights

We exposed a racially charged fake social media post. These viral posts are gaining popularity in the last couple years. We offered a solution.

The Science of Health Highlights

A growing body of science tells us that your health and happiness is largely up to you. Our show gives the steps to a better life.

C&R News Highlights

C&R News is the next generation of media outlets broadcasting on social media channels. We cover complex regional topics and deliver news to hyper targeted audiences.


Our cutting edge broadcast

tech is staffed by Internet- videographers and editors. Our story tellers and reporters have backgrounds in economics, health care, environmental toxicology and more.

Human Trafficking Highlights

C&R News went on FOX 47 Morning Blend to talk about Human Trafficking in Michigan.

Businesses Face Facebook Full Show

When over 500 Michigan businesses met with Facebook C&R News covered the action. Together they traded ideas on how to grow their organizations using the Facebook which now boost over 1.4 billion daily users. Our show reached over 10,000 Michigan residents in a four day period.

Broadband in Rural Mid-West Full Show

Our rural broadband broadcast from the capital of Michigan drew an audience from 5 countries and over a dozen think-tanks, policy organizations, and companies shared the broadcast on their social media platforms. The show reached 15,477 people.


Mayoral Debate


America’s Angriest Mayor was a lightning rod guest during our debate pre-shows. Mayor Benero and our other guests drove large audiences to C&R News.


Our coverage focused on breakthrough ideas to improve mid-Michigan's economy and improve residents quality of life.

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