What’s better Small Biz or Large Businesses?


A new study published in the Harvard Business Review shows government support of small firms ends up being a drain on the economy.

The authors show that government loan guarantees for small businesses have the effect of depressing income growth, according to a study of 3,035 U.S. counties from 1980—2009. Shockingly, study found small firms tend NOT to be engines of growth. 

Here’s My Two Cents: The interconnections between small and large businesses within a regional economy are (more…)


Are West Coast Business People Better Than Midwesterners?

I am struck by the business-culture differences of executives from the midwest and West-coast. Some say it’s subtle, yea… like a jack hammer.


After our meetings ended last week in Newport Beach California,  Kathy (see pic. below) and I mingled with some executives in their 30s and 40s at the Balboa Bay Resort (pic. above). To these coastal business execs our Midwest earnestness, optimism and you-betcha moral compass was either charming, disarming or uncool.

A the end of the night, at a private party, a young gaming executive came up to me and asked if I was from the Midwest.

Kathy Schaefer

How the hell did he know?  (more…)