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Athena Conference Registration and Michigan Women Forward

The ATHENA Conference on Authenticity will take place on October 13, 2020 and will feature four panelists that will help you in exploring the idea of living authentically. The panel discussion will leave you ready to embrace new opportunities to live authentically, without the stress of having to “fit in.” You can learn more and register for the conference using the above link.

According to Stephen Joseph, Ph. D. to live an authentic life, it is not enough simply to try to be ourselves. We also need to know ourselves and own ourselves. To be authentic, we need to be able to face up to the truth about ourselves, no matter how unpleasant we might find it.

Authenticity requires us to be able to overcome our desire to fit in and be a part of the crowd. Being authentic does not mean being fearless, but that we are able to feel our fear while still owning our decisions and taking responsibility for our actions, fully knowing of the consequences.

By taking responsibility for ourselves and our choices, we are welcoming of feedback from others, curious to hear other points of view, and always open to learning about ourselves, no matter how painful the revelations may be.

Starting a new business can be difficult, and when that business is owned by a woman, the road can be filled with even more roadblocks. Michigan Women Forward helps women who are thinking of starting their own business by offering financial assistance, education, training and mentorship to ensure women’s businesses succeed.

Michigan Women Forward has also created a continuum of wraparound services including technical assistance, educational conferences, summits and workshops developed in partnership with colleges, universities and other organizations to help support all steps of entrepreneurship. You can grow your business with the help of Michigan Women Forward (MWF) following the link above.

One of the ways Michigan Women Forward support women in business is through their WomanUp Pitch Competitions. The competition, held each spring, provides women the chance to submit their 2-page concept paper for a chance to win cash prizes, investments and professional services for businesses in both launch and growth stages.

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