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Tech Giants Brawling Over You! 

Social media companies are going after each other’s customers offering look-a-like platforms. Meta’s new Threads is the company’s new market-share fighter. It comes after the success of Meta’s Reels product that mimics TikTok.

“Threads is Zuckerberg’s attack on Twitter,” another sign the lines are becoming blurred between the social media platforms, said CR News Director Kathy Schaefer. “

On Threads you can publish short posts of up to 500 characters. It allows users to include links, photos or videos up to 5 minutes long. If you have an Instagram account you can share a Threads post to your Instagram story, or share your post as a link on any other platform you choose.

According to Seeking Alpha, “Instagram has launched Threads, its short-posting text app, as Meta Platforms (META) CEO Mark Zuckerberg takes on Elon Musk and Twitter. After signaling a launch expected for Thursday, with preorder links set up only for the iOS Threads app, Meta released its app Wednesday evening on Apple’s App Store as well as an Android app for Google Play. “Let’s do this,” Zuckerberg declared. “Welcome to Threads.” The response from Elon? “It is infinitely preferable to be attacked by strangers on Twitter, than indulge in the false happiness of hide-the-pain Instagram.”

“Threads is Zuckerberg’s attack on Twitter,” another sign the lines are becoming blurred between the social media platforms, said CR News Director Kathy Schaefer.”

Snapshot: As with Twitter, users can post short text, links, pics and videos, as well as repost messages from others and reply to items. Threads subscribers can additionally use their existing Instagram usernames to bring over information, including lists of followers. The timing of the launch is fortuitous for Meta, as recent technical changes at Twitter have frustrated some longtime users of the platform. A rate-limit feature restricting how many posts could be viewed on Twitter left a number of its features broken. Musk also directed that users could no longer view tweets without being logged in to the service themselves.

Some tech analysts expect Meta product audiences to grow not only due to the launch of new services such as Threads, but also due to global population growth.

“Many social media users by nature are attracted to the next new thing so signing up new users in one thing but getting them to stay is hard,” said CR News Reporter Joe Ross.

Signing up is easy, but leaving… not so much.
If you have an Instagram account you use that login info. You can load your Insta accounts into Threads making it super easy to get active on the platform.

You can deactivate your Threads profiles using the threads settings. But you can only close your Threads account by also deleting your Insta account. Ouch!

The gloves have come off in recent years.
Apple’s privacy features knockout billions in revenue from Meta’s advertising sales since February 2022. And this year Apple’s new headset is competition for Meta’s meteverse.

In other tech cage matches Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google are also duking it out in cloud services.

Many of the tech giants in this report will soon be duking it out in AI products.

Stay tuned sports fans!

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