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Kathy Schaefer

News Director

J.D. Snyder

Writer and Researcher

Joe Ross

Reporter and Writer

- Partner at C&R Marketing

- Former News Media

  Spokesperson McLaren

  Health Systems

- Former Hospital Administrator

  McLaren Regional Hospitals

- Former Surgical and Intensive

  Care Dietitian Borgess Medical


- Former Environmental and Energy Director

  for Governor Blanchard

- Was Dir. Office of the Great Lakes

- Masters in Resource Development and

  Environmental Toxicology

- Policy Entrepreneur at MSU

- Partner at C&R Marketing

- Former Editor of the Star Newspaper

- Former NBC-TV News Correspondent

- Was a member of the Federal Reserve

  Bank of Chicago Economic Round Table

- Managing editor of four trade journals

- Booth Newspaper News Maker of the

  Year Nominee

- Partner at C&R Marketing

- Advisor to three (Dem./Rep.) Michigan


Casey Hull


Erik Molenaar

Director, Cameraman & Editor

Kelsey West

Motion Graphics

- C&R News photographer and videographer

- Writer and Photographer Capital News Bureau

- Former Photojournalist at the State News

- Broadcasting Tech Guy

- Broadcasting Production Director

- Drone Pilot

- Web and Graphic Designer

- Magazine and Report Writer

- Digital Media Analyst and Marketer

- Premed and Business background

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