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Spinoffs Trending For New Network TV Season

With the annual television upfront presentations for advertisers beginning Monday, the four major networks will be introducing new TV shows this week. The New York Times summarized how each network did last year, and gave a look ahead for what to expect this year. Get ready for some familiar faces and programming this season, as spinoffs, reboots and relaunches will be a major theme for this upcoming season.

CBS plans on rebooting  the popular 1908’s TV series”MacGyver” this year.


  • Despite struggling to introduce a hit show in recent years, CBS has been the most watched program for 13 of the last 14 years.
  • CBS has struggled to find a new successful show of late, as both “CSI: Cyber” and “Angel from Hell” were each cancelled.
  • CBS is rolling out new comedies staring Kevin James and Matt LeBlanc next week, as well as rebooting “MacGyver” and “Star Trek” in an effort to find a new hit show.
“Empire” finished as the number one show for adults under 50 this year.


  • Fox has ridden success from “Empire” and “The X-Files” to jump from fourth to third among the big four networks in the coveted 18-to-49 demographic.
  • Despite good reviews, new comedies “The Grinder” and “Grandfathered” were cancelled. Fox is still struggling to find their next highly rated program.
  • Fox is following the reboot trend, bringing in new “24”, “Prison Break”, “Lethal Weapon” and “The Exorcist” series. Luckily for the station, they will be broadcasting the Super Bowl in February.
ABC’s “Wicked City” was the first show to be cancelled this season.


  • ABC’s comedies set the network apart from competition. “Quantico” is a first year show that has shown signs of success.
  • After losing entertainment president Paul Lee, the network has seen a major drop in the 18-to-49 demographic. “Wicked City” and “The Muppets” were each disasters, while “Castle” and “Nashville” each got the axe this season.
  • ABC is bringing in the first black network president in Ms. Dungey. She is counting on a new drama staring former “24” star Keifer Sutherland titled “Designated Survivor” and a Romeo and Juliet spinoff, “Still Star-Crossed”, to help ratings.
In a down year for rookie TV shows, “Blindspot” was the most successful


  • “Blindspot” was the most successful new show this year, and “Little Big Shots” was a reality hit. Without the CBS having the Super Bowl this year, NBC would have been the number one network in the 18-to-49 demographic.
  • NBC is still struggling to find a successful comedy to step in. “Best Time Ever” staring Neil Patrick Harris was a costly mistake.
  • NBC is trying to find new successful comedies, bringing in Tina Fey in as a producer for “Great News” and launching “Parks and Recreations” co-creator Michael Schur’s “The Good Place”. “The Celebrity Apprentice” will also be relaunched with new host  Arnold Schwarzenegger taking Donald Trump’s place.